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Jan 31, 2012
leyton attens

Volume 5 Announcement!

Okay, can we have a drum roll, a bugle call and a cymbal smash please?

Time to announce the name of the story that will feature in Volume Five of One Short Story To Be Told!

Are you ready

Here we go…wait for it….wait,,,,


Launch is on 3rd March. Venue (which will NOT be Tom Barry’s) to be announced when I feel like it!

Jan 30, 2012
leyton attens

Sleepover anyone?

John Linehan has decided that before he passes Volume One (Waiting For Life To Return) on that it deserves a treat. He is therefore sending it on a sleepover with Brenda O Keefe tonight. Do I need to tell you that Waiting is over the moon? Probably not!

Jan 28, 2012
leyton attens

Friday Forum (15)

I’m going to keep this weeks Friday Forum short because I have had an amazing but exhausting week. I could rant about breakthrough’s and amazing events, but one hasn’t had a proper nights sleep in eight nights… well energy is low.

Amid all the amazing events there has been activity for our beautiful volumes, so I’ll get straight to it.

Volume One (Waiting For Life To Return) remains with John Linehan. He has, he tells me, read Waiting For Life To Return and got someone in mind as the next recipient. But he is currently re-reading the other content of volume one. Intriguing is the word he used.

Volume Two (Wink) is still with Eric Downey  He too informs me he has someone in mind as the next recipient. But whoever it will have to wait another little while as Eric is not quite finished reading. Though he, much like John, has finished the story and is focusing on other content.

Volume Three (Grey Skies) winged it’s way to Kerstin Walsh today. So if the postal service does it’s thing, and is as efficient as it is most of the time, Grey Skies should be in Kerstin’s expectant hands on Monday. Grey Skies is a tad disappointed that the handover wasn’t completed this week. But as I’ve said it’s been an eventful seven days; and sometimes the business of living ones life interferes with best laid plans.

Volume Four (Sleepyhead) is the one volume that is definitely on the move. Leonard O Donovan has decided to keep things in the family and is passing Sleepyhead to his mother, the wonderful Anna O Donovan. That transfer should take place over the weekend. Needless to say Sleepyhead is delighted. Grey Skies meanwhile took this news hard. ‘I’d just managed to get back on level par by heading towards my fourth recipient, and now you’re telling me Sleepyhead is on to his fifth!’ were his exact words. Amazing how competitive stories can get isn’t it?

There is one other piece of news to relay. Luan Cuffe of Dublin, Ireland became member number 180 of our Facebook page on Wednesday. Maybe I should now calculate the total number of followers. Yes, there’s something to do over the weekend. It will need to be done before the 3rd of March and the launch of Volume Five.

Preparations for that event are going well by the way. I’ll provide more detail in next weeks Friday Forum. As long as my energy levels have returned to normal of course.

That’s it, short and sweet as promised. I’ll leave you as always with contact details.

Volume One (Waiting For Life To Return): John Linehan or Facebook

Volume Two (Wink): Eric Downey or Facebook

Volume Three (Grey Skies): Kerstin Walsh or Facebook

Volume Four (Sleepyhead): Anne O Donovan. Actually I’m not sure how this will work, Anna is of a generation where email and Facebook are alien lifeforms. Perhaps Leonard O Donovan at or Facebook is the best route. yes, certainly for now. I’ll update you if it changes.


Stanley Notte/leyton attens

Jan 22, 2012
leyton attens

Friday Forum (14)

OK, my hands are up! I’m twenty four hours (ish) late with this post. But – and this is a big but – I have very good reason. And that very good reason is very good news for One Short Story To Be Told. You see all yesterdays plans – get up, go to work, get home, write a bit and then compose the Friday Forum – were outshone ,and in the case of write a bit and compile the Friday Forum erased, by a phone call from Marius Griffin. Now you will remember Marius as the second recipient of Volume Three of this adventure. You will also recall that Marius is the mother of Dante, the third recipient of Volume Three. And you will without doubt (unless I’ve been wasting my time entirely) know that contacting Dante and Marius has been extraordinarily difficult. So when I tell you that the phone call from Marius Griffin included an invite to meet AND COLLECT VOLUME THREE TO PASS IT ON you will understand what I dropped everything and ran.

That, of course, meant no blogging last night. And today? you scream. Well today was taken up with work – until now. So here we are.

The upshot of meeting Marius sees me currently in possession of Volume Three with instruction to pass it on to one Kerstin Walsh. The transfer is arranged for Monday, and Grey Skies, who by the way – despite the elongated silence – was very complimentary of Dante (and Marius), is delirious. That word pretty much sums up Kerstin’s mood too.

All of that closes a busy week that saw Colette O Donoghue choose John Linehan as the next, and fourteenth, recipient of Volume One, John A Crean and Lorraine O’ Meara Foley become new members on the facebook page and Volume Five edge ever closer to completion.

Actually I’m very excited about Volume Five, especially as the surprises I’m planning are coming along nicely.

But I’m not going into that now. Instead I’ll tell you that Eric Downey has not completed reading Volume Two, but has assured me that it looks superb perched on his bedside locker. Eric also commented on the irony that after all his effort to get his hands on ‘Wink’ he has struggled to find time for it. ”That’s not much good to those waiting’ I replied, which I hope will be enough to see some news on a new owner next week.

I’ll also tell you that Len O Donovan’s promise to drop all other reading commitment’s in favour of Volume Four has not been kept, and you, I and ‘Sleepyhead’ will have to play the waiting game on that front.

But you know the thrill of Volume Three’s reactivation eases the pain typing those words inflicts. I hope it’s the same for you!

Of course you could always ease your pain by contacting the current custodians of our volumes to put the case for you being next to welcome them into your home. And if that appeals to you the relevant addresses would be helpful. So here they are.

Volume One (Waiting For Life To Return): John Linehan or Facebook

Volume Two (Wink): Eric Downey or Facebook

Volume Three (Grey Skies): Kerstin Walsh or Facebook

Volume Four (Sleepyhead): Leonard O Donovan or Facebook



Jan 19, 2012
leyton attens

Volume has a new owner! (Number 14, if you’ve lost count)

Colette O Donoghue has chosen a new owner for Volume One. Or more accurately Colette has allowed fate to choose a new owner for Volume One, Unable to decide herself Colette chose the old glass-and-names-on-pieces-of-paper-draw method to decide on where Waiting For Life To Return should go next.

There was no independent observer in attendance, but Colette has provided photographic evidence of the paper filled glass and – get this – a shot of the names on an uncut piece of paper. One could doubt the veracity of the actual draw of course, but given the effort required for the photos, one has to lean on the side of ‘She did it, all right’ I would say.
Anyway the upshot of it all is that John Linehan was the name drawn from the 13 entrants.
Waiting is on it’s way to John now.
His email address is if you want to get your spoke in early as the next recipient.



Jan 13, 2012
leyton attens

Friday Forum (13)

Friday Forum Number 13 appearing on Friday 13th! If I was superstitious I’d be quaking now – especially as the thirteenth edition of the Friday Forum should, if I hadn’t taken a week off over Christmas, appeared last week. But I’m not superstitious, and I think the fact that this week has been a good one for One Short Story To Be Told, and that I am therefore in tip-top form as I sit to compose this entry, is proof enough of the senseless of superstition. But let’s not get into a philosophical debate about good and bad luck. Let’s focus on the past week, and the pleasurable happenings in the One Short Story To Be Told adventure.

One has to, I feel, begin with Colette O Donoghue (You will recall it is she who created all sorts of One Short Story To Be Told history just before we all embarked on the Christmas festivities) who has been very busy this week. I always felt that once Colette decided to pass on the TWO volumes of One Short Story To Be Told that spent Christmas in her abode, her actions would be worth keeping an eye on; there was something in the twinkling tone of voice when we spoke last year that hinted at mischevousness.

And I was not disappointed. Colette has provided excellent photographic evidence of Sleepyhead and Waiting For Life To Return. And the fun and games she had on FB with potential suitors was fantastic. I know now there were other, less visible, activities afoot too, and I can only say I thank you all for having such an interest.

The upshot of that activity was Colette choosing Len O Donovan (or Cleo Othello Gudtone choosing Elando Novon if you want to use their Superheroes names – which Colette and Len have taken too recently) as the next recipient of Volume Four of One Short Story to Be Told. I’m pleased to say that Sleepyhead landed in Len’s lap yesterday, that the very positive feedback from Colette (which you can see on the Volume Four page here) has arrived and that Sleepyhead is delighted to be on the move again.

As yet Colette has given no indication regarding any movement for Waiting For Life To Return, but I’m sure she is plotting/hatching something nteresting for volume one of One Short Story to be Told as I write and you read.

The news on the other One Short Story To be Told volumes is not I regret to say AS positive. But it is positive. Positivish, anyway. Unfortunately Eric Downey, the current custodian of Volume Two, has broken last week’s promise of moving Volume Two on this week. Life, as they say, has got in the way. He has been very complimentary again, but then flattery is always a good approach when one is discussing broken promises. And more importantly that does nothing for you anticipatory One Short Story To Be Tolders. Tellingly Eric has given no promise of action next week either. Perhaps and need to be utilised!

The news on Volume Three – which I’m now (dramatically) terming ‘The Lost Volume’ – is actually better – relatively speaking at least. I had telephonic dialogue with a person very close to Dante Griffin (dialogue of any kind with Dante himself is impossible it seems) this week, and it had very good connotations. It will not see anything happen this week, but I have (fairly) high hopes that next week could be momentous – or at least carry some momentum. Let’s not build ourselves up only to have to be left down, hey.

You will, I hope, have received the news that Volume Five of One Short Story To Be Told will be launched on 3rd March 2012 (if you hadn’t, you have now). The hard work – and it is very hard work – of putting that tome together has begun. There will be a few surprises included, but I’m saying nothing more for now.

I’ll leave as always fellow story lovers with the concise version of what you need to know!

Volume One (Waiting For Life To Return): Colette O Donoghue. or Facebook

Volume Two (Wink): Eric Downey. or or Facebook

Volume Three (Grey Skies): Dante Griffin. Facebook page and you could try
Volume Four (Sleepyhead): Leonard O Donovan or Facebook

88*Googolplex as always

Stanley Notte/leyton attens

Jan 12, 2012
leyton attens


NEWS FLASH! The date for the launch of Volume Five of One Short Story To Be Told has been set. Grab your diaries, prepare to erase any entries, change all plans and disappoint dear friends. Because you will be with leyton/Stan and a brand new edition of One Short Story To Be Told on the…. (insert a very long drum roll here)… 3rd March 2012. It’s a Saturday night folks and it will take place in Tom Barry’s Bar as tradition now dictates. See you then Stan/leyton. ps – a massive 88*Googolplex to each and everyone one of you!

Jan 10, 2012
leyton attens

The first movement of 2012!

Following days of begging and, it has to be said Paul Dupius, broken promises Colette O Donoghue has decided Leonard O Donovan (AKA Elando Novon) will be the next recipient of One Short Story To Be Told Volume Four. We welcome you to the list of owners/minders/custodians Len, and pray your actions will be as considerate, co-operative and conscientious as Colette’s (Sleepyhead is banking on it!).
As for all you other One Short Story To be Tolders? Well Colette has another Volume (one) to pass on, and Eric Downey, current custodian of Volume Two, has promised action this week. So, as all is not lost (it never is really) keep the faith.

If you’re looking to contact Len try FB or
88*googolpex to you all leyton attens/Stanley Notte


Jan 6, 2012
leyton attens

Friday Forum (12)

This really should be Friday Forum (13) but I took a week away from blogging, facebooking and general internet activity last week (It was Christmas after all) so it’s number twelve.  That week off meant no activity in the One Short Story To Be Told for me. But I guessed – correctly it turned out – that most everybody would be capable of surviving Christmas without any missives from me.

The owners of our magical little volumes took Christmas off, too – well from One Short Story To be Tolding at least – and I heard not a jot from them until this week. The news is, for the most part, good. Colette O Donoghue has treated Volume One (Waiting For Life To Return) and Volume Four (Sleepyhead) splendidly, and is now ready to begin passing the batons. Her suggestion that you do something clever with her full name or her Superhero name (Cleo Othello Gudtone) to help her decide on the next owner has created quite a stir among the facebookers in our One Short Story To Be Told group. But for those of you who missed the simple, but also difficult, task Colette has set here’s a reminder.

Colette convinced Georgina Lynch to pass Sleepyhead to her by composing this:

Loyal follower,
Colette =

Clever, and not as easy as one may think (even if one, as Colette did at the end, ignores all grammatical rules), but it’s this type of thing Colette wants you to do with her real or superhero name. Now I know some of you are groaning right now (I probably would be too) but it’s a bit of fun and well worth an effort I would suggest. And if the idea really irritates you take the time to tell Colette just how annoyed you are – any contact puts you in the frame. And SHE DOES HAVE TWO VOLUMES TO GIVE AWAY!

Mr Eric Downey who currently possesses Volume Two (Wink) was in touch to say that Christmas didn’t provide much reading time for him. He has started Volume Two and was very complimentary of the design as well as the illustrations (thanks Kerstin!) used. And he has promised to act on all outstanding One Short Story To Be Told matters next week. That to me would indicate we could be talking about a new owner of Volume Two when I sit to compose Friday Forum (13) this time next week.

Sadly I have to report that my Christmas wish to Santa Clause has not been granted, and Dante Griffin’s silence regarding Volume Three remains intact. The only upside I can give you on this matter is that I am aware of one One Short Story To Be Tolder that is in a position to contact Dante (or at least someone close to him) and I have been reliably informed that they will be pursuing that line of inquiry ASAP.

So I’ll ask all who read this to keep fingers, toes and noses crossed on that matter – Dante releasing (yes it feels like he has imprisoned Grey Skies at this stage) will be of benefit to all.

Another thing that will benefit all One Short Story To Be Told followers is the arrival of Volume Five of this adventure. That, believe it or not, is scheduled (if indeed leyton has a schedule) to occur in approximately seven weeks. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but our minds have begun to drift in that direction. So you can expect announcements about a date, venue (that will be a tough one!), story title and other details in the coming weeks. I’m sure you’re trembling with anticipation now! Oh, how I wish.

So that’s it for this week. I would like to extend an enormous Happy New Year to each and every one of you before I go. Your support has been of great value to me and the One Short story To Be Told project over the past twelve months or so. Thank you for that, and please God, the Universe and my non-extinguishable  love of meeting people, I’ll see you soon.

Oh I nearly forgot the contact details for the current owners! Silly, silly me.

Volume One (Waiting For Life To Return): Colette O Donoghue. or Facebook

Volume Two (Wink): Eric Downey. or or Facebook

Volume Three (Grey Skies): Dante Griffin. Facebook page and you could try
Volume Four (Sleepyhead): Colette O Donoghue. or Facebook

88*Googolplex as always

Stanley Notte/leyton attens

What It’s All About

Imagine you are a story. You'd want to be heard, wouldn't you? You wouldn't want to be lying idle on a PC drive, or to sit collecting dust on a shelf or in an attic. You'd want to live, forever.

But in this modern world stories find it increasingly difficult to be told. The age old practice of gathering around fires to relate tales of yore and now has all but disappeared. Magazines are increasingly fussy. Writers increasingly frustrated. They write the stories, try to find them a home, but are rejected time and time again. So the stories lie idle, their tiny hearts still beating, but drowned out in the chaos of the modern world.

But they still want to be heard. They still want to find someone that loves them, and then someone else, and someone else and...

One Short Story To Be Told gives stories a chance to be heard. See, I believe that editors and publishers aren't always right. I believe people want to hear as many stories as possible. I believe people want not just to read a story, but to share it too.

In essence I believe that humans are on the stories' side.

So One Short Story To Be Told strives to make stories feel special by allowing them to be treated to the very best type of attention available to man, beast or story on a regular basis. That, of course, is ONE TO ONE attention.

Each volume of One Short Story To Be Told contains just ONE STORY - and there is ONLY ONE COPY OF EACH VOLUME. Yes, that's right: we are not selling books. Rather, we are asking that people realise, or remember, that stories are special, and to assist us in helping our stories to live forever. This, you will be aware, is the lofty ambition every story ever written holds close to its heart.

Our stories can only achieve this goal, however, with the assistance of story lovers. They need story lovers to read them (obviously). But more importantly they need story lovers to GIVE: or to put it another way 'to pass the story on'. Only then can we achieve the third part of
our mission statement (if it is indeed that) ONE STORY. ONE EDITION. ONE JOURNEY.

The journey, you see, is key. And so I ask you at this point to imagine how wonderful a journey that is made up of ONE to ONE attention would be? How special you would feel if you were to spend the rest of your life in the company of people who gave you their undivided attention while you were with them?
Feels good, doesn't it?

Well that's what is being creating for the One Short Story To Be Told stories.

But the future of One Short Story To Be Told is dependent on homes being available to them. It is dependent on people who are willing to provide a One Short Story To Be Told volume with a loving and caring (but temporary) home. Could you be one of those people? Would you provide one of those homes? I fervently hope so.
If you are please subscribe to this blog, join our Facebook Page or email and ask to be added to our mailing list.
You will be doing a great deed if you do.
88*Googolplex leyton attens