Feb 28, 2012
leyton attens

Volume Five (Full Circle) Extract.

As Saturday 3rd March and the release of Volume Five of One Short Story To Be Told inches ever closer – it’s on this Saturday 3rd March: 7.30pm Mr Bradley’s Barrack St, Cork – I’m reminded that an extract is in order. Mind you I may have forgotten if I had not been invited to be a guest on Frank Hanover’s radio show Word’s on Top today. If you’d like to hear a spoken word version of the extract from Full Circle visit this page.

For those who prefer the written word just read on. 88*Googolplex leyton/Stan

From across the road Jim McGrath watched the old man, his old teacher he corrected (stay with the facts, his therapist always said), gaze at the clock. His view was peppered not just by passers by, but also by the scraps of tape and posters that decorated the shop window; book club seeks members; open mike session at The LV; owners seeking a missing dog and cat; reward for the dog – the cat isn’t so special.
The shop was busy this morning, and Jim watched the easy movement of the clientele with interest. Post incarceration he enjoyed watching people go about everyday business.
It felt exotic.
For a moment Jim wondered if any of the shop’s clientele knew just how lucky there were. But then he had wondered the same thing many times since, on a rainy November day, he had exited the prison he had refused throughout his stay to call home.
‘Prison does that to a man’, his therapist had told him more than once. And those words swirled in Jim’s mind as he watched the shop’s customers glide past each other.
Noting the silky, at times near imperceptible, adjustments shoppers made to pass each other, Jim began to relax. The tension that had kept him coiled as tight as the rubber bands in a golf ball since he had landed here in New York eased. His stomach unfurled a little. A soft breeze tickled his face. And, enjoying the cool, light touch, Jim shut his eyes.
For a moment the demons he had battled to control for so many years hovered horribly on the edge of his mind. But then, as sunshine exploited a gap in the morning cloud, a smile flickered on his lips.
Images of a sleek, glistening cod breaking a still lake, its tail frantically flapping at the air danced in his mind. He heard water splash on concrete and the dull thud of a wooden club. He saw the Leatherman slip effortlessly along a shimmering gut, entrails spill onto concrete, blood licking cracks. And then he heard his mother scream (as she always did) when the listless form was waved beneath her nose, and the smack of lips that filled their kitchen as the catch was devoured. His smile broadened when the laughter that danced around the table as they sang “Fresh dead fish. Fresh dead fish” peeled in his head.

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What It’s All About

Imagine you are a story. You'd want to be heard, wouldn't you? You wouldn't want to be lying idle on a PC drive, or to sit collecting dust on a shelf or in an attic. You'd want to live, forever.

But in this modern world stories find it increasingly difficult to be told. The age old practice of gathering around fires to relate tales of yore and now has all but disappeared. Magazines are increasingly fussy. Writers increasingly frustrated. They write the stories, try to find them a home, but are rejected time and time again. So the stories lie idle, their tiny hearts still beating, but drowned out in the chaos of the modern world.

But they still want to be heard. They still want to find someone that loves them, and then someone else, and someone else and...

One Short Story To Be Told gives stories a chance to be heard. See, I believe that editors and publishers aren't always right. I believe people want to hear as many stories as possible. I believe people want not just to read a story, but to share it too.

In essence I believe that humans are on the stories' side.

So One Short Story To Be Told strives to make stories feel special by allowing them to be treated to the very best type of attention available to man, beast or story on a regular basis. That, of course, is ONE TO ONE attention.

Each volume of One Short Story To Be Told contains just ONE STORY - and there is ONLY ONE COPY OF EACH VOLUME. Yes, that's right: we are not selling books. Rather, we are asking that people realise, or remember, that stories are special, and to assist us in helping our stories to live forever. This, you will be aware, is the lofty ambition every story ever written holds close to its heart.

Our stories can only achieve this goal, however, with the assistance of story lovers. They need story lovers to read them (obviously). But more importantly they need story lovers to GIVE: or to put it another way 'to pass the story on'. Only then can we achieve the third part of
our mission statement (if it is indeed that) ONE STORY. ONE EDITION. ONE JOURNEY.

The journey, you see, is key. And so I ask you at this point to imagine how wonderful a journey that is made up of ONE to ONE attention would be? How special you would feel if you were to spend the rest of your life in the company of people who gave you their undivided attention while you were with them?
Feels good, doesn't it?

Well that's what is being creating for the One Short Story To Be Told stories.

But the future of One Short Story To Be Told is dependent on homes being available to them. It is dependent on people who are willing to provide a One Short Story To Be Told volume with a loving and caring (but temporary) home. Could you be one of those people? Would you provide one of those homes? I fervently hope so.
If you are please subscribe to this blog, join our Facebook Page or email oneshortstorytobetold@gmail.com and ask to be added to our mailing list.
You will be doing a great deed if you do.
88*Googolplex leyton attens