May 19, 2012
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Friday Forum (31)

There seems to be a pattern emerging from the five One Short Story To Be Told volumes at the moment, one I hope is a temporary thing. Volumes One, Two and Four are, to coin a phrase, ‘Sitting in the long grass’ – i.e doing nothing, while the two remaining tomes – three and five – provide the activity that fills these updates.

Of course, volumes having periods of inactivity is part of the process when one is seeking to create a journey filled with one to one attention, and I accept that entirely. But one does get to the point when ‘Silence is Golden’, to coin another phrase, is not so golden.

Have I reached that point now? No, but I’d say I’m close. And here’s why. Volume One (Waiting For Life To Return) has been ‘in transit’ for exactly fourteen days now. Yes, California to Sydney is a long journey. No doubt about that. And if this 14 days was all there was to the transit of Waiting For Life To Return I wouldn’t be even a little angsty. But the facts of the matter are that Tim Prenderville announced he had sent Waiting on it’s way on the 30th March; a full six weeks ago. OK there was a failed delivery, but still…

You feel my pain I’m sure.

And then there is Volume Four (Sleepyhead). In Mark Fenton’s home since mid march, Sleepyhead has had the distinction of being the first One Short Story To Be Told volume to receive a rejection. That happened when it’s proposed move to the UK was rebuffed on the 23rd April, over three weeks ago. So no movement in two months, and no news for three weeks is the current status of Volume Four. Again, you feel my pain I’m sure.

Finally, and this is far less painful (if indeed any pain is really being felt; it is all – I’m sure you’ve guessed – all just literary licensed angst!), Volume Two (Wink) arrived in Stockport and the home of LIz Nicholson, two weeks ago, and has remained utterly silent ever since.

So, if my pain were real, and the Silence was not Golden, the only reason I would have to live this week – and last week and the week before – is the activity around Volume’s Three and Five. And boy have they been brilliant this week.

Both Colette and Derek, those who recently relinquished possession of Volume’s Five and Three respectively, have forwarded feedback. And very flattering feedback at that. And Grey Skies, having landed in Len O Donovan’s home, also supplied the news that we will soon have three editions Down Under (assuming, that is, Waiting will land soon). Actually Grey Skies is now there (Down Under) so there are two volumes currently resident in Australia.

Now before I go two things.

1. I am not in pain. So please don’t worry about me (as if you would).

and 2. As it was so lovely I’m going to reprint what Colette said about Volume Five. And, as it filled me with joy, I’m also adding Derek’s feedback on Grey Skies here.

Finally (which means I should have said three things) you’ll understand the joy these words give me when you have read them. That will be now.

Colette O Donoghue on Volume Five (Full Circle): Full circle was once again, like other Volumes in the One ShortStory To Be Told series, a dark but compelling read. Wonderfully written as always I could not put it down, and was trying to race ahead in my mind as to what the outcome would be. I’m now a little sad, because there are no more Volumes for me to be chasing after. Well for now anyway. But I was absolutely thrilled with the introduction of Superhero Cleo Othello Gudtone, and then pleasantly surprised with the little “surprise” waiting at the end. Keep up the good work leyton.

And Derek Chandley on Volume Three (Grey Skies): To start, I was delighted to have received a second volume of “One Short Story To Be Told” ( I have previously read Volume Five – Full Circle). I thoroughly enjoyed Volume Three and I read it several times. Of the two volumes, I think I enjoyed Grey Skies that bit more. It is a harrowing read, given that the character involved is in utter despair. However, I can say with absolute certainty that the author has captured this despair with an ease and eloquence that requires some degree of skill. So full marks to the author! In conclusion, I’m looking forward to reading the other volumes and keep up the good work!

Ah, my heart beats a little quicker again.

88*Googolplex leyton attens/Stanley Notte

Volume One (Waiting For Life To Return):  Nearing (I hope) the end of a second attempt to reach Ben Keating of Sidney, Australia. Ben can be reached here

Volume Two (Wink):  Liz Nicholson in possession. if you’d like to ask to be next email

Volume Three (Grey Skies): Currently Down Under on holidays with Len O Donovan. Not sure if Len is seeking requests for the next owner while on vacation, but you can try or if you like.

Volume Four (Sleepyhead): Mark Fenton of Perth Australia in possession.  Mark is still chewing over his next decision. A good time to contact him here, I’d say.

Volume Five (Full Circle): Still the newest one! (I’ll stop saying it when I feel like it!) Paul McSweeney’s caring hands are still in control. Promise of photo’s not yet fulfilled. We await with bated breath. Paul is available at or for your heartfelt requests for ownership. And as Paul is a very easy man to deal with this could be a very good route to take. Oh, and if you are talking to Paul, ask about the photos. Ta

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