Nov 2, 2012
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Good evening all you One Short Story To Be Tolders, and 88*Googolplex to each and every one of you. I have to tell you that today was a very, very good day for me, and I am in top form as I eek these words from keyboard to screen. I won’t divulge the reasons for today being a very, very good day. But I will say I hope you, too, have had a stonker of a day!

This good day comes at the end of a busy, but also good, week for One Short Story To Be Told. It began last Saturday with the launch of Volume Six (Home) of this adventure. Delighted to say it was a great night (Thanks, again, to all who came along). The goodness continued with an excited Paul Depuis, as the photo shows, collecting ‘Home’ on Tuesday and setting it on it’s journey.

Also on Tuesday Volume Two (Wink) landed in the hands of Letitia Notte, who currently resides in Brisbane, Australia. Needless to say excitement abounded there, too.

And then, on Wednesday, Paul Murphy, of Chigago, Illinois, informed me that he had chosen the next recipient of Volume One (Waiting For Life To Return) – the lucky man is Andy Mackin of Blarney, Co. Cork  (who greeted the news with a whoop and a whoopee and then a wayhay!) – and Cormac O’ Caoimh announced that Derek O’ Sullivan(who also whooped in delight on hearing the news) would provide Volume Three (Grey Skies) with it’s fourteenth home.

Thursday saw Anne Byrne decide it was time for to relinquish her hold on Volume Five (Full Circle), and announce Leonard O’ Donovan would carry that particular mantle forward. Leonard was beside himself, not least because Full Circle will be the third One Short Story To Be Told volume he will welcome into his home. ‘Three down, three to go’ were Leonard’s words. A statement that leaves me in no doubt that he has decided that every One Short Story To Be Told volume will, at some stage, pass through his hands. ‘Best of luck with the quest Len’ I replied, before silently adding that Colette O Donoghue will, to say the least, be intrigued by that plan.

And finally, just last night, I spoke to Sinead O’ Meara the current custodian of Volume Four (Sleepyhead). Sinead informs me that the time for Sleepyhead to move on has arrived, but no firm decision regarding who shall be next has been made just yet. Sinead was also very complimentary of the tale Sleepyhead during our chat. Thank you for the kind words Sinead. I appreciate them.

Speaking of kind words brings me to the final piece of good news provided this week.

Both Paul McSweeny (who recently read Volume Two), and Cormac O Caoimh (who just passed Volume Three to Derek O’ Sullivan) have forwarded their feedback on their experience of the  One Short Story To Be Told Tales – namely ‘Wink’ and ‘Grey Skies’ respectfully – contained within.

I have to say it still amazes me that people are so appreciative of my writing. But man it is good for the soul! Paul and Cormac’s words have been added to the blog pages dedicated to Wink and Grey Skies, but I’ll include them here in case, a) you are too tired to go clicking for them, and b) because it warms my heart every time I read them.

WHAT PAUL SAID ABOUT WINK: Wink, for me, is a very literal story. I felt I was beside Jim
throughout the story – particularly as he dressed himself for the funeral. I also believe that anyone who has lost a parent, grown up in a difficult environment, or left home at a young age will understand what Jim experiences in ‘Wink.’ And there is no doubt in my mind that the connection one feels Jim has with his mother is something everyone will understand. Overall a wonderfully engaging tale, and one I would recommend. Thanks leyton/Stan for putting into the world, and I wish you continued success with this great idea.

WHAT CORMAC SAID ABOUT GREY SKIES: Having read Volume Three (Grey Skies) of One Short Story To Be Told I highly recommend you try get your hands on…I wont say “A copy” …I will say “The Copy”… because the wonderful thing about these books is that there is only one copy made of each Volume, and it is passed from person to person. On top of that…it is a great book too. Thanks Ray Horgan for passing it on to me. And thanks leyton; I always thought One Short Story To Be Told was a fantastic idea…..and the book itself didnt disappoint! Thank you very much. Very enjoyable

There is, I believe, no better way for to sign of this post. So have a great weekend. And 88*Googolplex to you all. leyton attens/Stanley Notte.

Volume One – Waiting For Life To Return; The man you need to get to is Andy Mackin. Here is contactable here if you use FB, or through if not.

Volume Two – Wink:  Letitia Notte of Brisbane, Australia now in possession. Reach her here if you use FB, or through if not.

Volume Three – Grey Skies: Derek O Sullivan is the current custodian. Derek is not a FB user, so requests can be forwarded to me at

Volume Four – Sleepyhead: Current custodian Sinead O’Meara. Requests through me at

Volume Five – Full Circle: Leonard O’ Donovan is due to (gleefully) accept Full Circle from Anne Byrne soon. FB users can get Len here – Non FB users email please.

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But in this modern world stories find it increasingly difficult to be told. The age old practice of gathering around fires to relate tales of yore and now has all but disappeared. Magazines are increasingly fussy. Writers increasingly frustrated. They write the stories, try to find them a home, but are rejected time and time again. So the stories lie idle, their tiny hearts still beating, but drowned out in the chaos of the modern world.

But they still want to be heard. They still want to find someone that loves them, and then someone else, and someone else and...

One Short Story To Be Told gives stories a chance to be heard. See, I believe that editors and publishers aren't always right. I believe people want to hear as many stories as possible. I believe people want not just to read a story, but to share it too.

In essence I believe that humans are on the stories' side.

So One Short Story To Be Told strives to make stories feel special by allowing them to be treated to the very best type of attention available to man, beast or story on a regular basis. That, of course, is ONE TO ONE attention.

Each volume of One Short Story To Be Told contains just ONE STORY - and there is ONLY ONE COPY OF EACH VOLUME. Yes, that's right: we are not selling books. Rather, we are asking that people realise, or remember, that stories are special, and to assist us in helping our stories to live forever. This, you will be aware, is the lofty ambition every story ever written holds close to its heart.

Our stories can only achieve this goal, however, with the assistance of story lovers. They need story lovers to read them (obviously). But more importantly they need story lovers to GIVE: or to put it another way 'to pass the story on'. Only then can we achieve the third part of
our mission statement (if it is indeed that) ONE STORY. ONE EDITION. ONE JOURNEY.

The journey, you see, is key. And so I ask you at this point to imagine how wonderful a journey that is made up of ONE to ONE attention would be? How special you would feel if you were to spend the rest of your life in the company of people who gave you their undivided attention while you were with them?
Feels good, doesn't it?

Well that's what is being creating for the One Short Story To Be Told stories.

But the future of One Short Story To Be Told is dependent on homes being available to them. It is dependent on people who are willing to provide a One Short Story To Be Told volume with a loving and caring (but temporary) home. Could you be one of those people? Would you provide one of those homes? I fervently hope so.
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