Oct 4, 2013
leyton attens

One Short Story To Be Told Friday Forum (103)

Hi there all you One Short STory To Be Tolders, and welcome to the first Friday Forum in three weeks. I must apologise at the outset for my three week silence. I have been busy launching a new business and working hard on my superhero project. Having said that, neglecting this project is not, I feel, forgivable. So I have suitably chasitised myself today.

So where are we with this project? Well, mainly due to my inactivity, it has been a quiet few weeks. I can confirm that Volume Two: Wink landed in Berrings, Co Cork, and the hands of Annushka Krautz. I can also inform you that Volume One: Waiting For Life To Return, Volume Three; Grey Skies, Volume Five: Full Circle and Volume Six: Home are all safe and sound in the hands of James Brandon, Ruairi De Barra, Sabin Lengger and Caroline McSweeny respectively.

But the big news over the past three weeks has been the resurrection of Volume Four: Sleepyhead, which – much to my surprise – was found by Elle Detonet who had reported it missing in May of this year.That means that my full compliment of six stories are now available for circulation again. A fact that really should motivate me.

So here’s my promise to you: I will contact each and every one of the people currently in possession of a One Short Story To Be Told story this coming weekend. And I will ensure these updates are done weekly from now on.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in receiving a One Short Story To Be Told volume, please give me a nudge. Having someone look too read one of my stories is the best motivation I can have after all.

88*Googolplex leyton attens/Stanley Notte.


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What It’s All About

Imagine you are a story. You'd want to be heard, wouldn't you? You wouldn't want to be lying idle on a PC drive, or to sit collecting dust on a shelf or in an attic. You'd want to live, forever.

But in this modern world stories find it increasingly difficult to be told. The age old practice of gathering around fires to relate tales of yore and now has all but disappeared. Magazines are increasingly fussy. Writers increasingly frustrated. They write the stories, try to find them a home, but are rejected time and time again. So the stories lie idle, their tiny hearts still beating, but drowned out in the chaos of the modern world.

But they still want to be heard. They still want to find someone that loves them, and then someone else, and someone else and...

One Short Story To Be Told gives stories a chance to be heard. See, I believe that editors and publishers aren't always right. I believe people want to hear as many stories as possible. I believe people want not just to read a story, but to share it too.

In essence I believe that humans are on the stories' side.

So One Short Story To Be Told strives to make stories feel special by allowing them to be treated to the very best type of attention available to man, beast or story on a regular basis. That, of course, is ONE TO ONE attention.

Each volume of One Short Story To Be Told contains just ONE STORY - and there is ONLY ONE COPY OF EACH VOLUME. Yes, that's right: we are not selling books. Rather, we are asking that people realise, or remember, that stories are special, and to assist us in helping our stories to live forever. This, you will be aware, is the lofty ambition every story ever written holds close to its heart.

Our stories can only achieve this goal, however, with the assistance of story lovers. They need story lovers to read them (obviously). But more importantly they need story lovers to GIVE: or to put it another way 'to pass the story on'. Only then can we achieve the third part of
our mission statement (if it is indeed that) ONE STORY. ONE EDITION. ONE JOURNEY.

The journey, you see, is key. And so I ask you at this point to imagine how wonderful a journey that is made up of ONE to ONE attention would be? How special you would feel if you were to spend the rest of your life in the company of people who gave you their undivided attention while you were with them?
Feels good, doesn't it?

Well that's what is being creating for the One Short Story To Be Told stories.

But the future of One Short Story To Be Told is dependent on homes being available to them. It is dependent on people who are willing to provide a One Short Story To Be Told volume with a loving and caring (but temporary) home. Could you be one of those people? Would you provide one of those homes? I fervently hope so.
If you are please subscribe to this blog, join our Facebook Page or email oneshortstorytobetold@gmail.com and ask to be added to our mailing list.
You will be doing a great deed if you do.
88*Googolplex leyton attens