Mar 31, 2013
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One Short Story To Be Told Friday Forum (76)

Well well well – after a few quiet weeks the past seven days have seen a flurry of activity in the One Short Story To Be Told adventure. All of which I will include here, and as close to chronologically as I can manage.
First the wonderful Colette O Donoghue provided the much anticipated (by me anyway) photograph of Volume Six: Home at Everest Base Camp.

Volume Six: Home at Everest Base Camp

As you can see it’s rather a fetching shot. It is also one that sends tingles down my spine – because I know there are few, if any, stories that have been so highly regarded that the owner has wanted to a) bring it all the way to such an esteemed landmark, and b) ensure that said tales arrival at said landmark would be captured for prosperity. When I add the realization that Colette regards One Short Story To Be Told so highly she decided that Home should be photographed alone (i.e without any human company) well it just makes me feel fabazendous, which is a word I just made up by combing Fabulous, Amazing and Stupendous!

So thank you Colette!

While forwarding The photograph you have just feasted your eyes on Colette also informed me that she was looking to pass Volume Six: Home on now that her great adventure was over. Those of you who have indicated (via mouth, text, email or any other form of communication) that you would like to welcome Home – or any other One Short Story To Be Told volume – into your home will be delighted to know that I passed your name to Colette immediately. This left Colette with quite a few people to consider so she has decided that the decision will be made by ‘Lucky Dip’. Her intention was to complete the ‘Lucky Dip’ today, but I have not, as yet, had any word regarding a decision, or to put it topically (or Papally) there has been no white smoke in that regard. Still I’m sure, as you all have been waiting a while, you can wait another few days.

Following the excitement of Colette’s photograph and ‘Lucky Dip’ decision the mantle for One Short Story To Be Told news passed to one Ultan Finnegan, whom you may remember, due to the impending arrival of both Volume’s One: Waiting For Life To Return and Volume Two: Wink, was ‘On friggin tenterhooks’ last Friday.

Ultan V2Well it’s safe to say that no part of Ultan is on tenterhooks. Volume Two: Wink arrived, safe and Ruairi and Ultanwell, at his door on Tuesday. And Ultan was quick to a picture of him and Wink. Both, one has to say, look well.
Volume Two: Wink’s arrival was swiftly followed by that of Volume One: Waiting For Life To Return, which landed in Ultan’s hands at lunch time (remember this!) on Wednesday. And this time Ultan and Ruairi De Barra, who was relinquishing my second volume, posed in full uniform, to record the moment. Again all look well, and I was chuffed to discover, through the note Ruairi included with the photograph, that Ruairi, just like many who have read a One Short Story To Be Told story, has a developed an appetite for more of my musings. Mind you the note included a tad of bad news for those of you hoping that Ultan will pass Volume Two: Wink to you. Here’s what he said:
Hi Leyton Attens, Ultan Finegan has Volume One: Waiting For Life To Reurn. It’s safe and sound. He has promised to let me be Volume Two: Wink’s new home just as soon as it’s ready to trundle on! And I can’t wait!
Congrats Ruairi on securing your second One Short Story To Be Told volume.
If you are disappointed by the fact that Ultan has already decided who shall be next for Volume Two: Wink then hold onto hats, because, in a twist that bowled me over, Ultan has not just decided who should be next for Volume Two: Wink. He has, in a move that creates the shortest visit a One Short Story To Be Told volume has made to a household Ultan, read and PASSED ON Volume One: Waiting For Life To Return.
Ultan and HicksNow, given that (as mentioned earlier) Ultan received Waiting For Life To Return at lunchtime on Wednesday, and had safely passed it on at 21.33 (the time his message and the photograph on the left regarding the handover arrived in my inbox) the same day I get the feeling that he has set a record that is unlikely to beaten, no matter how long One Short Story To Be Told runs.
The man who was lucky enough to convince Ultan to make take such swift action is Adrian Hickey AKA Racey Hadikan (boy, do I lobe superhero names). In doing so Adrian has secured his third One Short Story To Be Told…you know what I’m going to call it an ‘experience’. And again it is flattering for me to see people so keen to read more of my work. I’m sure, however, that those sentiments are no consolation to those of you who are waiting on your first One Short Story To Be Told volume. But be patient if you are waiting. And be persistent, too. All good things and all that.
Now, the other thing that is always flattering for me is receiving positive feedback on a One Short Story To Be Told story. And the final piece of news I have to share with you this week is about just that.
Sinead O’ Meara, who provided a home to Volume Four: Sleepyhead in November 2012, contacted me yesterday regarding her feedback. Now, one has to say that Sinead has taken her time in providing her feedback, and I must also to say I thought that feedback would not be forthcoming from Sinead. But, probably to show that it knows better than me how to make life wonderful, the Universe had obviously decided otherwise. And you know what? The Universe was right. Because there is no little doubt that had Sinead passed her feedback regarding Volume Four: Sleepyhead to me in early December (when she passed Sleepyhead to Dave Allen in Australia) it would not have had the impact it had yesterday. In fact it couldn’t have. Because the kernel of Sinead’s message is that, despite the passing of time (almost four months), Sleepyhead (or at least a piece of it) has stayed with her. Now that, I HAVE TO SAY, is a wonderful compliment for any writer to receive. And when that writer is oneself, well…words fail me.
So thank you Sinead for remembering. Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. And thank you for raising my spirits.
Oh, I almost forgot – this is what Sinead had to say:
‘On a wet miserable morning, especially a Monday, I think of SLEEPYHEAD and it brings a smile to my face. I get the giggles as memories of my childhood come to me. Everyone who has had the good fortune to read this book will know exactly what I mean. If, on the other hand, you haven’t yet read it? You will HAVE TO!’
Jeepers, I’ve just realized that Sinead has also urged you all to read Sleepyhead. How did I miss that? I’ve no idea. But, seeing as missing it has allowed me to get excited all over again, I’m glad I did.
Until next week 88*Googolplex leyton attens/Stanley Notte

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