Volume One

Volume One: Waiting For Life To Return

Published Sat 23rd october 2010. A tale of old age, loneliness and the manner in which society views the older generation.

Current Custodian Twenty Sixth Recipient: Leonard O’ Donovan, Cork, Ireland. 11 June 2014.



LATEST FEEDBACK: From Twenty Fifth Recipient: Bill Grant, Cobh Co. Cork. 3rd February 2014

“This is a great story about the simplicity of life”

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First reciepient: TERRI ANDERSON, London, Eng. 26th Oct 2010

what Terri said:
I was delighted to be the first ever receipient of Volume One of One Short Story To Be Told, which contained the story “Waiting For Life To Return.”
I found it all very interesting, and read it from cover to cover many times, before passing it on to Carol. The story itself is very reflective of life… as it can happen to us, and is a fantistic gentle little reminder of this. The idea is a very novel and creative one, and I really hope that it will – with universal help – be kept circulating. I am hoping it will come my way again some time.

Congrats leyton on your first masterpiece, keep up the good work and follow through with many more.
I also think it would be a good seller. Thanks for including me.


Second recipient: CAROL, London, Eng, 11th Dec 2010

what CAROL said:
I really enjoyed the book, I found the story ‘Waiting For Life To Return’ very sad and very moving. I was delighted to be only the second person to read it. Most of all I loved the idea of the book having a life of it’s own and the reader being part of an adventure with it.
Great concept. Looking forward to Volume Two.



Third recipient: LITA, Dublin, Ireland, 4th Jan 2011

what LITA said:

Hi leyton – and what an idea! I loved it. Waiting For Life To Return is a lovely and thought provoking story, but is the concept – and the presentation! – that I was really enamoured with. I think the book is beautiful, truly beautiful, and that this idea deserves to reach a wide audience. Best of luck for the future and thanks for including me. I hope I will have the pleasure of receiving a further volume in the future. Finally I decided that a picture of the illustration that appears at the end of ‘Waiting For Life To Return’ in the book is what I would like displayed next to this feedback on the blog. Hope you don’t mind! (pic attached)


Fourth recipient: BARRY JOYCE, Dublin, Ireland, 8th March 2011

what Barry said:
I approached One Short Story To Be Told with an open mind and eager anticipation. I wasn’t disappointed but a little surprised at how sad the story was. Yes we get older and there will always be up and coming youth. As time marches on I enjoy the many more colours and shades of life in all its splendour, be they, good or bad. Making time to enjoy our lives fully and more importantly enjoy those that surround us makes my life all the more full and hell….a lot more fun.
Thanks for the chance to take part in your venture……hope all goes well….


Fifth recipient: HELEN MCSHARRY, Dublin, Ireland, 14th April 2011.

What HELEN said:
Your prose leyton is beautiful, descriptive and moving. And the book is so beautifully packaged I couldn’t wait to delve in to it. Thank you for including me. 




Sixth recipient: GLEN KEANE, Cork, Ireland, 12th may 2011

What GLEN said:

Super stuff, leyton.
Great story.
Well written.
And an even better concept.
So gald it ‘popped’ into my life.
Keep them coming!


Seventh recipient: PAUL McSWEENEY, Cork, Ireland. 18th June 2011.

What PAUL said:
A thought provoking story on a number of levels. It comments on how we, as people, view the world, how we tend to judge people without knowing them, and also makes us think about what that says about us.
I would also like to commend you on this wonderful idea. I feel privilaged to have been part of the journey being created for ‘Waiting For Life To Return’ and I hope that somewhere down the line I will get another chance to receive a different volume…or is that just being greedy? Thanks again and keep up the good work.


Eighth recipient VALERIE SPENCER, Cork Ireland. 8th August 2011.

What I got from the book was not tragedy and sadness as others seemed to find but BEAUTY! The eternal beauty that lies unexpressed in all of us and all around us. The fact that we don’t always share this with people doesn’t lessen it. It is maybe noteworthy that loneliness is a factor of old age whether alone and derelict or surrounded by your family, we all end our days on our own. leyton has depicted the loneliness very well but to me it is still the glorious wonder of life that shines through. Great work, thanks for involving me. And keep the volumes coming.



Ninth recipient: Maureen Collins, Crosshaven, Co, Cork. 26th September 2011.

Questions and truths,. A glimpse of a life that we would all wish to avoid. Sad and bleak, yes, but also honest and real, because life is like that. *.*IT…HAPPENS! Well written and beautifully presented,., Age and personal experience allows for different perspective. And lets face it, It’s not over till the fat lady ……..!
A blank canvass, but a beautiful dream reaffirms my philosophy that where there’s life there’s hope..
Keep it going Leyton, wonderful idea and I’m glad to be a part of it..
ps. the pic was taken in Paris… that’s a new location for One Short Story To be Told isn’t it?


Tenth recipient: Kerrie Collins, Co Cork, Ireland. 1st October 2011.

                                            WHAT KERRIE SAID:

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve read Volume One of One Short Story To Be Told, and I think upon  reflection it was even more thought provoking than I first envisaged. The prose itself was beautifully written and really allowed me as the reader imagine the time, place, setting and characters involved. The story however, was certainly something that I did not expect to come  upon, but like all good reads it struck a chord and definitely gave me food for thought. I think  the concept behind the One Short Story To Be Told initiative is excellent and I’m looking  forward to the next installment – however it reaches me!

Thanks again leyton for sending it my way…


Eleventh recipient JOHN MARTIN, Cork City. 19th October 2011                                                  


It turns out John Martin is a man of few words. And so his feedback is, to say the least, short. It is however great – proving a lot can be said quickly. Thank you John!




Twelfth Recipient: Ciaran Birmingham, Glanmire, 18 November 2011

WHAT CIARAN SAID:Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? A wonderful expression of how we view the world, or we think the world views us.
Thank you for giving me an insight to your world leyton, I look forward to continuing the journey with you. Regards, Ciaran Bermingham.


Thirteenth Recipient: (Making HISTORY ON ANY NUMBER OF LEVELS) Colette O Donoghue, Watergrasshill, Co Cork. 21 December 2011.


Having just recently finished the youthfully innocent and upbeat “Sleepyhead” (Volume Four of One Short Story To Be Told), I must admit that I found “Waiting for Life to Return” a bit of a hard read. It just saddened me to think of such a lonliness and wouldnt wish it on anyone to have to go through that experience.
Saying that, it was as always, beautifully written and yet again, I now look forward to the next Volume!


Fourteenth Recipient: John Linehan, Douglas, Cork, 19 Jan 2011


Waiting safely (and neatly) tucked up in bed at Breda’s house.

As a treat for Waiting For Life To Return John sent it on a sleepover during it’s time with him. Here’s what ‘Babysitter’ (and recipient 14a) Brenda O’ Keefe had to say: I received Volume One of One Short Story To Be Told from a dear friend on 30/1/2102 who knew I would love the idea. And I do indeed love the concept! In fact I now look forward to getting another volume of One Short Story To Be Told in the future. Waiting For Life to Return is a short but powerful story that is relevant to us all. Well done leyton! Brenda O’Keefe, Cork, Ireland.

PS from leyton – Isn’t the photo as cute as a panda bear sitting on a birthday cake!


Fifteenth Recipient: Tim Prenderville, Atascadero, California , 17 February 2012.

Waiting For Life To Return enjoying a beer in sunny California.


How scary and inevitable it is that all too many of us are heading towards the same kind of day described in Waiting For Life To Return – old age, loneliness, isolation, regret.

Well done on your description of one mans day, and the demon he lives with, though ultimately hides from the rest of the world.




Sixteenth Recipient: Ben Keating, Sidney, Australia. 26 May 2012.


In a first for One Short Story To Be Told Ben Keating’s feedback arrived via a camera, which, I think, is adorable.

If you don’t want to enlarge the image it says this:

Thanks leyton. It was bloody good. Very sad, though. Too sad!


Seventeenth Recipient: Paul Murphy, Chicago, Ill. 25th September 2012.


Without blowing smoke up your arse,  I was pretty taken by the idea, and also the writing.  It left me wanting to get the next version, so that must be a good thing.  It is clear you have a talent, and that has made me want to look for my own a bit more.  Maybe the word ‘Inspired’ could be used. Have a good weekend and let me know when I can have the second one.  also I hope it is longer.


Cian Mackin (Andy's son), Leyton and Stanley at the launch of One Short Story To Be Told Volume Six (Home)Eighteenth Recipient: Andy Mackin, Blarney, Co. Cork. 24th November 2012.

WHAT ANDY SAID: Hi Leyton, Very sorry for the late reply, and the extremely long time it took me to give you some feedback on One Short Story To Be Told, Volume One (Waiting for Life to Return). I have to say I was looking forward to reading it, and I wasn’t disappointed. I had mixed emotions after finishing it that I didn’t expect. I was some what disappointed the old man didn’t make it, especially after life had returned. It gives me some comfort in my own mind that at least I feel he died happy. So in my opinion the book was “Simply Fabulous.” And I look forward to receiving the next installment of One Short Story To Be Told.

Regards, your good Friend and Fan, Andy Mackin


Nineteenth Recipient: Tony Reddin, Togher, Cork, Ireland. 2nd January 2013.

WHAT TONY SAID: ‘Moments after finishing this book I found myself staring at a book shelf at home. Upon this book shelf there was as much dust as there was books. These books were born, lived and then died. What I mean is they were bought, read and then rested on this book shelf – where they will probably remain long after I’m gone.
Waiting For Life To Return, the story in Volume One of One Short Story To Be Told, while sad, simply glows with life. It also pleads with you to extend its life [and the books] and engulfs you with curiousity as to what is next. Well done on this outstanding concept, I look forward to Volume Two. The only bad thing I have to say is to myself: ‘Why didn’t I get to this book earlier’.


waiting-inside20th Recipient: Ruairi De Barra. Cobh, Co. Cork. 22nd February 2013.

WHAT RUAIRI SAID:  I was delighted to receive Volume One: Waiting for life to Return of One Short Story To Be Told from Tony Reddin last week. I really enjoyed the story: it has wonderful expressive language, and is a sorrowful and moving story. Thank you very much for sharing this book with us Leyton/Stan. I will be looking for anyone who is finished one of the other One Short Story To Be Told volumes to please think of me when choosing the next recipient! Thank you again


Twenty First Recipient: Ultan Finnegan, Cobh, Co Cork. 27th March 2013.

Ultan and HicksWHAT ULTAN SAID: Well. Where oh where do I start. Volume One:Waiting For Life To Return was joyful. A wonderful start to the journey into the everlasting. Having read Volume One and Volume Six: Home I have seen the current, start and latest stories. Wonderful.
Volume One gives the start of a lovely series. It breaks the ground like a bulb after a long winter. The light of Spring shines, and the flower starts to grow. As does this story unfold gently into the light that graces its pages.
Volume Two: Wink is now calling to me, and it will be treated to the days light soon – as with the upturn in light so shall this book see its turn to share daylight with me. I will update next week on how its continues to grow.

The picture here shows Ultan passing Volume One: Waiting For Life To Return to Adrian Hickey just eight hours after he had received it form Ruairi De Barra. Needless to say the eight hour visit Waiting For Life To Return enjoyed in Ultan’s abode is the shortest any One Short Story To Be Told volume has ever experienced. It’s one that will take some beating too!


Twenty Second Recipient: Adrian Hickey, Cobh, Co Cork. 27th March 2013.

Ultan and HicksHey Leyton, as I received Volume One: Waiting For Life To Return in breath taking speed I thought that I would give it some time to rest and ponder, especially as Julia’s ex partner was so worn with life. I enjoyed the book it makes one consider what’s ahead for us all and how cruel life can be at times. Did you intend to write such a sad story? Or did darkness take you away for awhile? I have just read it three times in a row and found I had mixed emotions after each read. A positive factor is that the One Short Story To Be Told concept fits well with this story, as life will return on each passing of the book. I would like to think that he was happy when he went, maybe I am looking for some comfort of mind and hoping that was the case. Thanks for sharing your story with me. Adrian Hickey/Racey Hadikin


Steve Meaney with Volume OneTwenty Third Recipient: Steve Meaney, Cork. 7th June 2013.

WHAT STEVE SAID: First of all I want to say thank you for allowing me be a part of this amazing journey you have created with this brilliant idea.
I must say I found the story Waiting For Life To Return warm-hearted, and it brought a pleasant smile to my face. All I can say is ‘Fantastic!’ I even tried reading Leyton’s mirror writing notes – but found it getting harder the more I got into it! Ha Ha!
Thanks again for allowing me be a part of this. Cheers, Steve Meaney 16th August 2013.


James and book

Twenty Fourth Recipient: James Brandon, Cork. 20th August 2013.

WHAT JAMES SAID: A very good read. But as the saying goes – Life’s what you make it. Thanks for the chance to read it, best of luck with the venture.

PS – James is pictured on the morning he posted Volume One to Billy Grant, and upon his return from a sleepless night of fishing. Thank God Waiting For Life To Return survived that!




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