Volume Two

Volume Two: Wink

Published Sat 26th February 2011 (Tom Barry’s Bar, Barrack Street, Cork, Ireland.)

A tale of returning home, memories and resolution.

Current Custodian; Twenty Fifth Recipient, Eva Linehan, Ballincollig, Co, Cork, Ireland. 30th January 2014.


Twenty Fourth Recipient: Annashka Krautz, Berrings, Co. Cork, 14th October 2013.


WHAT ANNUSHKA SAID (In two parts):

1. Hello Daddy Notte! I am almost finished and am loving it so descriptive! Would have loved to have read it quicker but i dont have alot of freetime at the mo but when i do it is a bliss to read.

2. The story with the story is that its marvellous, shame that its finished!!



Twenty Third Recipient: Ruiari De Barra, 18th June 2013:

WHAT RUAIRI SAID (in three parts):

1. Hello Stan, I really hope you don’t mind but the arrival of Wink onboard LE eithne raised great interest and Christy O’Donavan “jake” asked if he could read it, then Paul Brophy also made a request, and little John Buckley would also like a read as well before it leaves the ship. I loved the story. It brought up feelings in me of unfinished business with my own fathers life and death. Thanks for sharing it with me

2. Your wonderful story has been read and admired by three other people. Christy Dononvan, Paul Brophy, and it also popped out to the northside of Cork for one night to a hurling mad fella called James, a buddy of Christys. It arrived back into my possession safe, sound and exhilarated by the small adventure of a four week patrol on the flagship of the littlest navy that could!
3. Three other lads read it and they all were very pleased with it. There are some nice comments left in the back of the book. They are all lined up to read the next volume I receive, which I will be getting very soon as I meet Gordon Kinsella while out walking the dog with my Missus. Thanks again for sharing, it is an honor and a pleasure to be involved.


Ultan V2Twenty Second Recipient: Ultan Finnegan, Cobh, Co. Cork. 26th March 2013.


Wink awoke my senses and broke the silence I was in. Yet another fine short story to float me along this new voyage. A pleasure it is to sail along and parallel Leyton’s life.

I cannot wait to read more of his story and look forward to the receipt if more parts of his interesting rambling a on life.




Twenty First Recipient: John ‘Jockey’ Wilson, Crosshaven, Co Cork, Ireland. 8th Feb 2013.

WHAT JOHN SAID: Great story, Stan. I felt I was in there with them. And the tale got me thinking back to my own childhood memories. Keep me in mind for more One Short Story To Be Told volumes – I’m going to get me hands on Volume One! Cheers, John.


Twentieth Recipient: Lorraine Shaw, Seoul, South Korea. 28th December 2011.

Lorraine Shaw accepts Volume Two (Wink) from Leonard O' Donovan.

Lorraine Shaw accepts Volume Two (Wink) from Leonard O’ Donovan.


Dear Leyton, Wink has been charmingly decorating the bookshelf in my box-room apartment in Seoul for way longer than appropriate, but surely you can understand my reluctance to let such a wonderful reminder of my brief visit to Eire go.  Alas I must give up my selfish reign over this beautifully written piece of work so that others may appreciate the emotional poignancy of the tale.  It is both heart-wrenching and heart-warming in equal measure, and therefore truly a success because no doubt there will be many who will turn its pages wondering in awe how Leyton managed to invade and portray their memories so vividly.  For a brief time I was drawn into the pages and transported back to Ireland.  And now ‘Wink’ has achieved it’s purpose here and is ready to find it’s next home. Winks to all, Lorraine Shaw


One Short Story To Be Told enjoying a present moment.

Nineteenth Recipient: Leonard O’ Donovan, Cork, Ireland.

WHAT LEONARD SAID:  “An extraordinary & Capivating Story” Continued success Mr Attens.

Len also treated his Mum (Anne) to a peek at ‘Wink’ while it was in his possession. Here’s what Anne had to say.

“A wink means Love & Comfort” — Thanks for the laughter & company.


One Short Story To Be Told Volume Two: Wink enjoying a little fun in Brisbane, Australia.

One Short Story To Be Told Volume Two: Wink enjoying a little fun in Brisbane, Australia.

Eighteenth Recipient: Letitia Notte, Brisbane, Australia, 30th Oct 2012.

WHAT LETITA SAID: Well I definitely held on to Wink far too long. But it was a captivating story that I just had to read over and over. It is a touching story, that no doubt numerous people can relate to in so many different ways. I myself am currently preparing to make a journey home but my nerves are good nerves. A very touching and honest book about how family life isn’t always perfect, but at the end of the day ‘Family Comes First.’ Thoroughly enjoyed it, and look forward to getting my hands on another Volume of One Short Story To Be Told so I can be captivated by another one of Leyton’s intriguing stories. Thanks so much for the opportunity to have Wink in my possession and to have some fun here in Brissy with it.. xxxx


Seventeenth Recipient: Jenny Franklin, Barrack Street, Cork. 2nd October 2012.

WHAT JENNY SAID: ”I was very very lucky to receive a second volume of One Short Story To Be Told only months after I had provided a home for Volume Three (Grey Skies). The story in Volume Two – ‘Wink’ – is a sad and poignant story which many people will relate to. Leyton really brought the character of the abusive alcoholic father to life  – so much so that I feel the power of the wink could never undo the damage already done to Jim.”

Jenny also travelled to Sweden while ‘Wink’ was in her possession. And she kindly provided these beautiful photographs of ‘Wink’ enjoying the trip.



Sixteenth Recipient: Paul McSweeney, Cork, Ireland. 5th September 2012.WHAT PAUL SAID: Wink, for me, is a very literal story. I felt I was beside Jim throughout the story – particularly as he dressed himself for the funeral. I alsobelieve this is a story many people will relate to. Anyone who has lost a parent, grown up in a difficult environment, or left home at a young age will understand what JIm experiences in ‘Wink.’ And there is no doubt that the connection one feels Jim has with his mother is something almost everyone will understand.Overall a wonderfully engaging tale, and one I would recommend. Thanks leyton/Stan for putting into the world, and I wish you continued success with this great idea.*********************************Fifteenth Recipient: Sandra Cambridge, Berrings, Co Cork. 15th June 2012.WHAT SANDRA SAID: I really enjoyed Wink. I think he found it very entertaining in the Cambridge household with all the madness that ensued. He even enjoyed his juant to London and loved seeing the sights from going up west on a bus to the West End to Piccadilly Circus, Chelsea Football grounds, strolling on Chiswick High Rd and chilling with a coffee smileI loved the story! It was very descriptive, and I cant wait to read another volume. smile
Thanks for letting me be part of Wink’s journey, and I look forward to following his travels.*********************************Fourteenth Recipient: Liz Nicholson, Stockport, England, 5th May 2012.WHAT LIZ SAID: I’ve enjoyed having Wink as a house guest.This is a very polished story, dealing with relationships within one family and at the same time within all families. Interesting, well-written, sad and hopeful. Whilst the story could hold its own in any modern anthology, it becomes all the more special in its beautiful cover with the account of its journeys. Knowing you hold the only copy brings a feeling of intense satisfaction. May it continue to travel and bring pleasure to those it meets!*********************************Thirteenth Recipient: Georgina Lynch, Cobh, Cork, 10th March 2012.WHAT GEORGINA SAID: I have to say Stan, Wink was a deeply stunning read. Your beautiful words tore through me. I have to say that, after reading just one or two pages, I realised this was a “Get the kids to bed, turn off the tv/ radio and lock the door” type of book. Do not disturb!!! I felt as though I was feeling the pain and anxiety of the guy, and really felt that in this short story, I really was with him. The tenderness of his relationship with his mother, and the angry towards his father was captured with perfection.Your writing ability really blows me away – again….wow!!! Georgina xThank you Georgina for your amazingly kind words, it is so special when a story connects. And thank you, too, for the beautiful photographs throughout the time Wink was with you. It is obvious that a great time was had by all! 88*Googolplex leyton attens/Stanley Notte*********************************Twelfth Recipient: Philip O Byrne, Douglas, Cork, 9th February 2012.

WHAT PHILIP SAID: Wink is a story that pulls the reader in, and keeps them there. I was totally engrossed in the tale, and that is due to the wonderful descriptive writing with which the story is told. Well done leyton/Stan.

ps – I couldn’t help but think the tale is autobiographical. Is this the case?

leyton’s response to the above. I let you decide on all aspects of Wink, Philip. But thank you for the kind words. And as you have been so kind with photographic memories while in possession of Wink I’ve decided to include a number of your excellent shots here.


Eleventh Recipient: Eric Downey, Glanmire, Cork, 11th December 2011.



WHAT ERIC SAID:  ‘A very involving tale”




Tenth Recipient: Eddie O Mahoney, Glanmire, Cork, 7th Dec 2011                                                                          

 Given that Eddie O’ Mahoney only held Wink in his possession for three days it comes as no surprise that his feedback is succinct, and that a photographic opportunity was not availed of. We are pleased, however, with these few words.

WHAT EDDIE SAID: Dec 10th – Cork.

“Well done Leyton – a wonderful story beautifully told :)

Eddie & Aileen O’ Mahony.


Ninth recipient; Ivan Bevan, Passage West. 12 November 2011.

Ivan Bevan smiling a smile that ‘Wink’ inspired.



A sad story that made me smile – a sign of great writing.

Every Irish Mammy and son will know this ‘Wink’!





Eight Recipient; JOHN LINEHAN, Douglas, Cork, 27th Sept 2011.


Just finished “Wink”. A very moving story and very clever writing.
Many times over the years I have been asked was I related to leyton/Stan. In fact last year a man in Tanzania asked us were we brothers. I was shocked, again… so I can state here and now that we (me, Stan or leyton) are NOT NOT NOT related in any form!
However, having read this book I am torn between two scenarios;
(1)leyton/Stan stalked me before I met him or (2) there is some truth in the powers of “Telepathy”.
Either way the manner in which ‘Wink’ drew on my life experiences frightened the B^%%$£ out of me! Even if it is a lovely little book.
Thanks leyton/Stan for including me.


Seventh Recipient: COLLETTE O DONOGHUE, Watergrasshill, Co Cork, Ireland 2nd Sept 2011.


I was delighted to finally be selected as a recipient of Volume Two of One Short Story to be Told. “Wink” was certainly worth the wait. There is no denying that it is a melancholy tale, but one which takes a strong hold over you. I had the feeling that I was a fly on the wall, looking in on the story as it unfolded. It evokes many emotions, and I couldn’t put it down, which explains why it was passed along so swiftly, for others to enjoy. I look forward to reading other volumes of this unique idea in the not so distant future. Thank you leyton and Paddy for giving the me opportunity to be part of this exclusive “project”.

ps from leyton. Collette, sadly, forgot to get a photo of her and Volume Two together. So I’ve decided (in a moment of extreme vanity) that my visage should grace her feedback. Woo Hoo!


Sixth Recipient; PATRICK FITZHENRY, Wexford, Ireland (later Edmonton, Canada) 18th July 2011


What PATRICK said:

We – Kara and I – really enjoyed ‘Wink’. Thank you! ‘Wink’ most of all serves to emphasize something that we often forget, and that’s the significance of non-verbal communications; after all that’s how our souls communicate. Ignore it at your peril!




Fifth Recipient; DAN LAFFAN, Whites Cross, Cork 10th June 2011

What DAN said:

Wink Reflects wonderfully the ‘What-if’s’ we all have in life about relationships. What-if’s reflect our spirit!


PS All legal actions have been withdrawn because I enjoyed the story so much



Fourth Recipient; RACEY HADIKEN, Cobh, Co Cork 20th May 2011

Racey, Cheeky and ‘Wink’ enjoying the garden!

what RACEY said; 
It has been an absolute pleasure to own ‘Wink’. It is an enjoyable look at the human condition, encompassing experiences that I think we can all relate to. Myself and my partner –one Cheeky Colini – both read the story and enjoyed thoroughly. This is a collection of words which needs to be shared and has requested to be, to remain alive. And it has a “Lust for Life. Bravo Leyton I looking forward to reading some more, keep up the good work.

I have decided to pass the book onto a man called Dan Laffan, I like the sound of his name very buoyant, jovial and happy-like, I imagine he is a nice guy. I have attached a photograph of me and my partner Cheeky Colini reading Volume II.


Third Recipient: CIARAN HOURICAN, Cork. 7th April 2011

what CIARAN said:
Hey leyton, I really enjoyed reading volume two. Thanks for including me in your adventure and the journey being created for Wink.
Keep the books coming!




Second Recipient: SIOBHAN ‘BEADS’ FOGARTY, Killeagh, Co Cork. 31st March 2011.


  What SIOBHAN said:
  A murky look down a yawning well of somebody eles memories.

Its a sad story. but  most stories are.. “happy people have no stories” – Andy Cairnes, Therapy. 
 leyton is very childlike, but interesting.

  (Due to a lost mobile phone there is no picture available of Siobhan with the book)



First Recipient: AMANDA PIGGOT, Clashmore, Co Cork, Ireland. 8th March 2011

What AMANDA said:

I really enjoyed this book. The story ‘Wink’ is a sad one, but the character who created the book and writes the intro and outro (leyton) is very funny, so there is a nice balance. I hope Siobhan enjoys it, too.









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